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What we offer 

Osteopath at Work

Osteopathy is a safe and natural therapy which focuses on the framework of the body consisting of the bones, ligaments, muscles and connective tissues, which support the 'soft bits' inside that keep you alive. 

Osteopaths assess the condition of this musculoskeletal supporting system looking for areas of imbalance and excessive strain.

Treatment is tailored to suit each individual; as such patients of all ages can obtain benefit.


Yoga Mats

Pilates is a form of exercise and body conditioning an approach that builds body and muscle awareness and is low impact. It is suitable for all ages and abilities and is seen useful in injury prevention, rehab and fitness. 

Founded by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s it utilises movements that promote alignment, core strength and flexibility, all that can be adapted to you and your body. There is no competition and no high impact. 

Rachel Stanley teaches Pilates here at Childer Road on Fridays. She combines her training in Pilates alongside her profession as an Osteopath. The best of both worlds. 



Child Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy is the treatment of injury & disease using manual therapy and rehabilitation as an alternative or adjunct to medication to promote & stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms and to restore normal tissue health & function.

Dr Ehab Georgy works from our practice here at Childer Road on a Friday all day. You can book an appointment with him by calling 01449 613633 and asking to be put through to his team at Woolpit and Stowmarket Physiotherapy. 

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